Bullet Proof Vehicles

Bullet Proof Vehicles Armoured Vehciles - Securemobile India has been engaged in Manufacturing of Bullet Proof Armoured Vehicles Cars, SUV's, etc

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Bullet Proof Products

Bullet Proof Products include Bullet Proof Guard Rooms, Sentry Cabins, Bullet Proof Sentry Cabin, Bullet Proof Guard Room, Bullet Proof Watch Towers etc.

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Customised Armouring

Pre-Fab Structures, Bullet Proof Customized Structures, Catridge Disfiguring Machine, Road Barriers etc.

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Bomb Protection

Bomb Suppression Blanket with Safety Circle,Bomb Basket, Bomb Container, Bomb Sled.

Bullet Proof Cabins

Bullet Proof Cabins with the Good design and equipped with powerful features with the complete Bullet Proof Protection.

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Bullet Proof Shield

Bullet Proof Sheild, with the best Bullet Proof Protection at the Startegic Entrance gates etc,

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Bullet Proof Guard Rooms

Bullet Proof Guard Rooms are equipped with the Latest Bullet Proof Protection ideal for Strategic Locations.


Bullet Proof Products

Bulletproof Helmet SECURE – PAS-GT developed through extensive research, by the vast experience persons in ballistic threat protection field for the ballistic evaluation for level III-A.

Bulletproof Helmet SECURE PAS-GT are made from specially woven Aramid Fabric Lamination. It's Low weight makes it much more comfortable to wear than the traditional steel Helmet, better protection with no comfort Penalty.

The Ballistic limit for Bulletproof Helmet SECURE PAS-GT offer maximum safety in crisis situations (Its Ballistic performance is 100% better than a steel Helmet). Yet it has minimum weight. Needless to say, a SECURE PAS-GT Bulletproof Helmet is reliable defence against fragments. It also provides protection against small firearms, handgun i.e. up-to 9 mm Pistol, Revolver, and SAF Carbine from a distance of 5 meters.

SECURE Visor - (Face Shield) - are more robust attachment system to Secure PASGT - style Helmets and Swings up and out of the way when not needed - vision protection is generally not Bullet Proof, but will protect your eyes from impact - splash, smoke particulate matter and chemicals plus fragments.


  • Higher Price

  • High Performance / Weight Ratio.

  • No risk of Secondary Fragments and No detection by Radar


Fiber material

Aramid Fabric

Total Weight of the Helmet

< 1.5 Kg. (Without Visor)

Visor 4 mm

300 gm.

Visor 6 mm

400 gm.

Average Shell Thickness

8 mm – 10 mm

Ballistic Protection

9 mm Pistol / Revolver 
SAF Carbine up to muzzle velocity of 425 meter/sec.
Meets the NIJ Standard.

Suspension System

3 Point quick release chin strap system
For the most Comfortable and Secure fit.

Fragmentation Face Shield

Attached and swings up and out of the way when not needed.


Crinkle Matt finish OG in color. However any desired color can be provided (Olive green, Black, Woodland, Camouflage (Desert)/Camouflage (Jungle) or Camouflage SN (Snow).

Special features

No risk of secondary fragments. 
No detection by Radar.

Helmet Carrying Bag Face shield free of scratches and dings with padded Nylon Bag.

The Bullet Proof Helmet are Ballistically Test Approved by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence, Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory (TBRL) under DRDO.



Technical Specifications of Bullet Proof Sentry Cabins 

S No.
Technical Specification
At the lower segment of the cabin, the bullet-proof (B.P) steel plate of 6.5mm thickness should cover 48” height and 48” width on each of the three sides of armour coverage.
At the middle segment of the cabin, the bullet-proof (B.P) glass of 50 mm thickness should cover 24” height and 48” width on all the three sides of armour coverage.
The firing slots between the lower B.P steel segment and the middle B.P glass segment should be of 6” height on each of all the three sides of armour coverage.
The upper segment of the cabin above the B.P glass segment will be made of plain, transparent toughened glass of 10 mm thickness.
The framework will be of M.S steel square pipe.
Protection level–III as per Requirements (protection from 7.62 mm SLR or AK-47 bullets or splinters of 36HE hand grenade from 10 metres)
Complete outer area of roof will be made of FRP.
Complete Outer & Inner area of the B.P. Steel will be covered with water-proof plywood.
The outer colour on the lower B.P steel segment will be of blue and red stripes.
Portable Fan & CFL Lamp with provision for electrical connection will be fitted inside the cabin.
Approximate weight of the security cabin should be 475 kg +/- 5%
All steel items should have protective anti-rust coating.
The door on rear-side should be made of FRP and of dimension 6-feet height and 2.5 feet width without Bullet Proof Material.
Minimum internal height should be 8 feet.
The outer surface of the roof should be such that water should not stagnate, while the cabin will give a flat-top-surface appearance

Bullet proof Brief case

Bullet Proof Lecture Stand

  • Lecture Stand can be tailor made as per the requirement

  • Lecture Stands are used for the VIP addressing in the public.
    Bullet Proof Lecture Stand

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