Bullet Proof Vehicles

Bullet Proof Vehicles Armoured Vehciles - Securemobile India has been engaged in Manufacturing of Bullet Proof Armoured Vehicles Cars, SUV's, etc

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Bullet Proof Products

Bullet Proof Products include Bullet Proof Guard Rooms, Sentry Cabins, Bullet Proof Sentry Cabin, Bullet Proof Guard Room, Bullet Proof Watch Towers etc.

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Customised Armouring

Pre-Fab Structures, Bullet Proof Customized Structures, Catridge Disfiguring Machine, Road Barriers etc.

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Bomb Protection

Bomb Suppression Blanket with Safety Circle,Bomb Basket, Bomb Container, Bomb Sled.

Bullet Proof Cabins

Bullet Proof Cabins with the Good design and equipped with powerful features with the complete Bullet Proof Protection.

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Bullet Proof Shield

Bullet Proof Sheild, with the best Bullet Proof Protection at the Startegic Entrance gates etc,

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Bullet Proof Guard Rooms

Bullet Proof Guard Rooms are equipped with the Latest Bullet Proof Protection ideal for Strategic Locations.


Bullet Proof Morcha

Without Wheel

Technical Specification of Bullet Proof Morcha (Version 2009)
1. It shall have Three firing slots, One on each plate and firing is done in couching position.
2. It shall have provided with two handles (One top and one bottom on each three plates) to carry and erect.
3. Easy to erect and dismantle i.e. approx one minute total.
4. Protection level- All plates against 7.62 x 51mm SLR – Nato Ball Ammunition and AK-47 & 56, 7.62 x 39mm Imported Ammunition as per NIJ standard Level – III 0108.01 at 90o from a distance of 10 meters.
5. While installation at site each plate must have the provision to joint together with the help of strong hinges, which shall be riveted / bolted instead of welding for easy assembling and dismantling.
6. Bullet Proof Morcha made from single plates without any kind of Joints or welding.
7. There shall be no gap between the sheets / plates in assembled condition of BP Morcha.
Colour of the Bullet Proof Morcha as per user choice.
Angle of the side plates shall be provided coverage from three directions i.e. front, Left and Right.
Dimensions (Plate)
Thickness (mm)
6.2 ± .5/0mm
Height (mm)
1200 ± 5mm (48”)
Width (mm)
914 ± 5mm    (36”)
Firing Slot
Each plate have sliding firing slot of size 175 ± 5 x 125 ± 5mm. All the windows should have inside cover of the same material.
Whenever the BP Morcha is fired upon and the port shutter gets damaged the replacement should be possible.
Weight of Plates
50 kgs. of each plate (±) 2kgs tolerance allowed in each plate.
Weight of Morcha
Weight approx 150kgs ± 5kgs.
Protection Level
Each Plate is able to provide following protection Level-
1) 7.62 x 51mm (SLR Nato Ball Ammunition) distance from 10 meters as per NIJ Level – III 0108.01.
2) 7.62 x 39mm (AK-47 & 56 Imported Ammunition) distance from 10 meters as per NIJ Level – III 0108.01.
3) Splinter of Grenade No. 36 HE from 10 meters.
Material (BP Steel)
Our BP Steel is test and approved by TBRL Chandigarh under Ministry of Defence Lab or any other international Lab. BP Steel plate shall be heat treated to develop maximum resistance to penetration. We shall submit the BP Steel manufacturer material test report of each plate with the mentioning of plate number and lot number.
We shall provide the provision of wheels in this morcha, if required.

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