Bullet Proof Vehicles

Bullet Proof Vehicles Armoured Vehciles - Securemobile India has been engaged in Manufacturing of Bullet Proof Armoured Vehicles Cars, SUV's, etc

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Bullet Proof Products

Bullet Proof Products include Bullet Proof Guard Rooms, Sentry Cabins, Bullet Proof Sentry Cabin, Bullet Proof Guard Room, Bullet Proof Watch Towers etc.

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Customised Armouring

Pre-Fab Structures, Bullet Proof Customized Structures, Catridge Disfiguring Machine, Road Barriers etc.

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Bomb Protection

Bomb Suppression Blanket with Safety Circle,Bomb Basket, Bomb Container, Bomb Sled.

Bullet Proof Cabins

Bullet Proof Cabins with the Good design and equipped with powerful features with the complete Bullet Proof Protection.

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Bullet Proof Shield

Bullet Proof Sheild, with the best Bullet Proof Protection at the Startegic Entrance gates etc,

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Bullet Proof Guard Rooms

Bullet Proof Guard Rooms are equipped with the Latest Bullet Proof Protection ideal for Strategic Locations.


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Bomb Suppression Blanket with Safety Circle
Bomb Basket
Bomb Container
Bomb Sled


Bullet Proof Car is no longer the preserve of Politician, Ministers, Bureaucrats and no longer solely a Defence against assassination and terrorism, but the Bullet Proof Passenger Car for Private Citizen and Company Executive are becoming a Consumer Product.

A Bullet Proof Car offers increased safety. It is not impenetrable vault. What you really buy is time, time to react and to make a right decision. What it comes down to whether the increased peace of mind is worth the cost.

As far as Bullet Proofing of vehicles is concerned, we have been in the forefront with new Technologies inducted for the Protection of VIPs. The Proprietor (Mr. R.S. Yadav) of M/s Secure Mobile (India) having experience for the last 23 years in the fabrication of Bullet Proofing of vehicles - served in Govt. of India and retired as Technical Officer. The fabrication of Vehicles, to Bullet Proof by Secure Mobile (India), has been duly registered by Vehicle Research & Development Establishment, (VRDE), Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence, under DRDO. Since November 2000.

Our motto has been "We start where other ends". This has been motivation enough to our research and development team to strive continuously towards perfection.


The Pre-cut section of B.P. Steel

  • 3 mm Bullet Proof Steel for 9 mm Protection (+0.5 mm rolling Tolerance).

  • 5 mm Bullet Proof Steel for AK-47 Protection (+0.5 mm rolling Tolerance)., and

  • 6 mm Bullet Proof Steel for SLR Protection (+0.5 mm rolling Tolerance).
    OR Light Weight Composite of 21-23 mm thick placed / welded / fixed together inside of the vehicle.

The Floor is protected using Fibre Re-enforced Panel (FRP) for the protection of 17 grain steel fragments due to explosion of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).


Varying thickness of BP Glass from 20 mm to 50 mm are used on Wind Shield and Window Panes which can defeat threat from 9 mm to 7.62 mm fired from Pistol, Revolver, Carbine, AK-47 or SLR, with strength and performance. We can also provide Special Laminated Glass using Polycarbonate Core or 200-400 micron, Transparent Film that catches glass and bullet fragments. As you know, even small fragments of flying glass can cause considerable damage.

Laminated Glass can perform many functions including Safety, Security, Bullet and Blast Resistance and with the following advantages :

  • Zero Spall

  • Prolong physical resistance

  • Increase light transmission

  • Low temperature performance

  • Upto 40% thickness and weight saving

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